Today in Madonna History: June 15, 1991

On June 15 1991, Madonna’s Holiday was re-released in the UK to promote both The Immaculate Collection and the limited edition EP, The Holiday Collection.

This was the third release for Holiday in the UK:

  • January 1984 (reached #6)
  • August 1985 (reached #2, while #1 was Madonna’s own Into The Groove)
  • June 15 1991 (reached #5)

If Madonna were to release another greatest hits album and decided to re-release a classic hit, which song would you choose? 

3 responses

  1. Hopefully she will do a greatest hits of the 2010s. Masterpiece, GMAYL, Girl Gone Wild, Turn Up The Radio, SuperStar, Gang Bang, Living for Love, Ghosttown, Bitch I’m Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch, Joan of Arc, Medellín, Crave, Dark Ballet, Future, I Rise, IDSIF, God Control, Come Alive and 2 new songs. She released almost 20 singles in the 2010s. Another idea, I’d like to see her do a follow up to her Ballads. She could start with You Must Love Me up through Crave.

    • Madonna is amazing actress dancer Singer activist humanitarian Lbgqt community leadership that is exceptional woman that stands in her own league and style and world 🌎 renowned.her music 🎶🥰 is amazing and timeless. Madonna we love you.🙏🏾😇🎎💞🙏🏾

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