Today in Madonna History: November 7, 1995

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On November 7 1995, Madonna’s Something To Remember greatest ballad hits collection was released.  The collection was released on different dates in different markets.

Described as a “love letter from Madonna to her fans and music lovers alike” in the album’s liner note, Madonna further explained:

So much controversy has swirled around my career this past decade that very little attention ever gets paid to my music. The songs are all but forgotten. While I have no regrets regarding the choices I’ve made artistically, I’ve learned to appreciate the idea of doing things in a simpler way. So without a lot of fanfare, without any distractions, I present to you this collection of ballads. Some are old, some are new. All of them are from my heart.

Something To Remember included the following songs:

I Want You
I’ll Remember
Take A Bow
You’ll See
Crazy for You
This Used to Be My Playground
Live to Tell
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Remix)
Something to Remember
Forbidden Love
One More Chance
Oh Father
I Want You (Orchestral)

The Japanese release included La Isla Bonita.

The Latin release included Verás the Spanish version of You’ll See.  

5 responses

  1. 2 songs that should’ve made the cut are her top 10 smash The Look of Love from late 87 early 88 and Bad Girl from 1993. The remix of I want you could’ve been dropped. The Look of Love should’ve been released in North America because it was a great ballad and Bad Girl is another underrated song too. I also think Madonna should’ve released another ballads collection, and included her best ballads from 1996 to 2015 like You must Love me, Drowned World, The Power of Goodbye, Time Stood Still, Gone, Nothing Fails, Hey You, Miles Away, Devil, Masterpiece, Ghosttown, Falling Free, Joan of Arc, and several more.

  2. Agreed that it should have included The Look of Love and Bad Girl. I think it should also have included Promise to Try – one of the most personal ballads of her career and featured prominently in Truth or Dare. And they could have dropped the I Want You remix and also Forbidden Love in my opinion. Forbidden Love had only just been on an album the year before and was not a hit or significant track in M’s catalogue. Nice as it is.

  3. I agree, The Look Of Love would have made a great inclusion, although I’ve always found the studio version a bit weak in comparison to the live version…her vocal performance is much more emotive and the live instruments give it a lot more depth and power. Perhaps a remix could have done the trick. I agree that the inclusion of the orchestral mix of I Want You seemed unnecessary when she had numerous other beautiful ballads to select from that didn’t make the cut. If it were my call, I would have kicked off the album with the full-length 7+ minute version of I Want You (the full orchestral coda was edited out of the released versions). I would have left the Orchestral version of I Want You off the album and included it on the maxi-single of You’ll See instead. And I would have included either The Look Of Love or Promise To Try. I’m actually surprised they decided to release Love Don’t Live Here Anymore as a single and not Forbidden Love, as the latter probably would have been a massive radio hit in the U.S. after the success of Take A Bow. And I must say, I prefer Nellee Hooper’s production on Forbidden Love over Babyface’s production on TAB (I think TAB is a good song lyrically and melodically, but I don’t find that the music/production has stood the test of time…it reminds me of Christmas music…lol).

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