Today in Madonna History: October 14, 1993

october-13-93-cover october-13-93-cover1 october-13-93-cover2 october-13-93-cover3 october-13-93-cover4 october-13-93-cover5 october-13-93-cover6

On October 14 1993, Rolling Stone magazine featured Madonna (several times) in an article featuring The 100 Top Music Videos.

Rolling Stone included the following Madonna music videos: Express Yourself at #10, Like A Prayer at #20, Borderline at #24, Vogue at #28, Justify My Love at #43 and Oh Father at #66 – Madonna had more videos on the list than any other artist or group.

2 responses

  1. I am surprised that Bad Girl didn’t make the cut. All the videos that David Fincher directed made the list except Bad Girl . He first directed her in Express Yourself 1989, Oh Father 1989, Vogue 1990, Justify my Love 1990 and last was Bad Girl filmed in January 1993, and released in February 1993. Bad Girl should’ve made the cut, as it was a haunting video with a killer on the lose reminiscent of Mr. Goodbar.

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