Today in Madonna History: October 21, 1992

sex-book-1 sex-book-2 sex-book-2b sex-book-3 sex-book-4

On October 21 1992, Madonna’s Sex book was released by Warner Books, Maverick and Callaway Books.

The 128-page coffee table book of erotica and sexual fantasies was written by Madonna, with photographs taken by Steven Meisel and film frames shot by Fabien Baron.  The book was edited by Glenn O’Brien.

The spiral-bound, metal-covered book was wrapped in a silver mylar bag and included a copy of the Erotic CD single (an exclusive version of the Erotica song).  The package also included an 8-page comic book and it was priced at $49.95 US.

How old were you when you first bought or read through Madonna’s Sex book?

4 responses

  1. I was 22 when I looked at the newly released “Sex” in a Toronto book store. I decided $50 was too high a price to pay for what looked like a kind of boring book. I thought the concept conveyed an important social message, but it wasn’t that subversive. After looking through the pages, the metallic cover was the most interesting thing about it. At that point in my life, I took a break from Madonna and became obsessed with Tori Amos’s music, which was a lot different than Madonna’s.

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