Today in Madonna History: November 2, 1989

november2-89-0 november2-89-1

On November 2 1989, Madonna was honoured as Artist of the Decade by Musician magazine.


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  1. AS A MATTER OF FACT, I used to subscribe to Musician! For a time, it was a serious threat to Rolling Stone-but whenever I read it, for every rave in that zine, they would always and frequent turn against Madonna whenever a controversy turned up-As I recall, late writer Chuck Young ripped Evita to pieces-when the magazine moved to Nashville and Robert Doerschuk took over in 1998, they refused to even acknowledge or even review Ray of Light. Apparently, they never forgave Madonna for the Sex book! As a consequence, Madonna’s victory at Musician was short-lived!-when it became part of Billboard in 2000, Musician folded for good! I don’t miss it! Good riddance!

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