Today in Madonna History: September 19, 2015

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On September 19 2015, Madonna performed Ghosttown for the first time on tour during a sold out Rebel Heart Tour stop in Brooklyn.

Madonna had never intended to perform the single from Rebel Heart during the tour and she had not rehearsed it with the band.  Watch the performance:

2 responses

  1. And so there it is and will be-In an Ideal world/parallel universe, Rebel Heart’s standout ballad Ghost Town has become Madonna’s first #1 on the mainstream active Rock charts, thanks in part to Rolling Stone who named Ghost Town Best Rock song of 2015-what an honor for Madonna!-it just may lead the Rock Crowd to embrace her once and for all!

  2. How do you know she never intended to perform it? Supposedly there were 3 tracks rehearsed and dropped, surely Ghosttown & Secret were two of them…

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