Today in Madonna History: August 1, 1989

madonna-cherish-august-1-89-1 madonna-cherish-august-1-89-3madonna-cherish-august-1-89-4  madonna-cherish-august-1-89-2

On August 1 1989, the third single from Madonna’s Like a Prayer album, Cherish, was released by Sire Records. The song was written and produced by Madonna an Patrick Leonard.

The single was released on 7″, 12″, CD and cassette single formats. The b-side featured a previously unreleased track, Supernatural.

Biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli talking about Cherish in his book, Madonna: An Intimate Biography:

Cherish was a particular triumph for the Madonna/Patrick Leonard partnership. A delightful confection of radio-ready proportions, the song had it all—strong, positive, remarkably dysfunction-free lyrics about love, a memorable, singalong vocal melody, and a tight, pungent rhythm arrangement. It remains, quite simply, one of the best songs Madonna has ever written; sweet and happy, but by no means corny, it’s a perfectly constructed pop song which Madonna delivered beautifully, and with undeniably sassy charm. Indeed, if Cherish had been released in the Sixties, it would have most likely emanated from Detroit’s Motown or the New York song writing Mecca, the Brill Building.”

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  1. Thanks Denal! Cherish is a brilliant Ciccone love song about Madonna’s favorite subject and that is the emotion of love-a feeling also explored positively in its relatives-True Blue, Sooner or Later, Rain,
    One More Chance, You Must Love Me, Nothing Really Matters, Don’t Tell Me, Get Together
    and Hold Tight-in Cherish and the following songs, Madonna is an unabashed romantic who happily smiles that things will get better in her life ever if love is underscored with a tinge of sadness that is her trademark and hallmark of a brilliant life because according to Brit Madonna scholar-“Cherish evokes the memory of a sadness that won’t quite go away”-meaning it all comes back to the source of Madonna’s inspiration
    -the brilliant memories of her mother! Likewise, Madonna is brilliant!-I will always Cherish Her! Madonna Forever in her American brilliance!

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