Today in Madonna History: December 26, 1987


On December 26 1987, Madonna won 3 Billboard Music Awards: Top Pop Singles Artist, Top Pop Singles Artist – Female and Top Dance Sales Artist.

What was your favourite Madonna single release from 1987? La Isla Bonita, Who’s That Girl, Causing A Commotion or The Look of Love?

One response

  1. All songs are brilliant but the pick of the bunch Has to Be The Look of Love. In all honesty, Madonna was at the Crossroads in 1987-One of her many farewells to the past! On the verge of 30-she was 29 at the time and ready to outgrow the teenage wannabes that were the target audience of The First Album, Like a Virgin and parts of True Blue-in the movie Who’s That Girl? was a make-or-break proposition. Underneath the youth facade was a once-and future Evita/Unapoologetic Bitch who was ready to be taken seriously by the Rock Crowd. Every subsequent move for Madonna-Like a Prayer to Rebel Heart is for adults only. I don’t think a lot of today’s younger set know who Madonna is but hey I’m a fan because of the sadness in her voice! Match point, Madonna wins!

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