Today in Madonna History: June 25, 1992

aleague-premier-1 aleague-premier-2 Rosie O’Donnell,  Madonna marzullo archive shots 240212

On June 25 1992, Madonna attended the New York premiere of A League Of Their Own at the Ziegfeld Theatre.

2 responses

  1. Madonna is so amazing!! I was a huge fan in the 80s and just recently started listening again…What a great inspiration she is..her music has totally helped heal my femininity. I have to get out and dance again!

  2. One of her better roles, Madonna played a baseball player who missed her mother-It’s notable then that A League of Their Own got good reviews-for her anyway-from movie critics. She befriended Rosie O’Donnell and wrote her #1 hit ballad This Used to Be My Playground-still one of her most beautiful and emotional songs-I get tears and chills every time I hear it!

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