Today In Madonna History: March 22, 1993

madonna_fever_single-1 madonna_fever_single-1b madonna_fever_single-1c madonna_fever_single-2 madonna_fever_single-3

On March 22 1993, Madonna’s version of Fever (a remake of 1958 Peggy Lee song) was released as a UK single.

The UK single included the following remixes:

  1. Album Edit (4.27)
  2. Hot Sweat 12″ (7.57)
  3. Extended 12″ (6.05)
  4. Shep’s Remedy Dub (4.29)
  5. Murk Boys Miami Mix (7.07)
  6. Murk Boys Deep South Mix (6.28)

Sun lights up the daytime
Moon lights up the night
My eyes light up when you call my name
‘Cause I know you’re gonna treat me right
Bless my soul I love you, take this heart away
Take these arms I’ll never use
And just believe in what my lips have to say

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  1. Thanks Jay! 🙂

    I like the original Little Willie John version more than Peggy Lee’s cover version (which is usually referred to as the original since it is the best-known version, even though it came out two years after the original). I like the musical arrangement in Lee’s version but her read on the lyrics leaves me cold. John’s version had soulfulness while Lee’s take is too bluntly recited for my taste. I realize that was a conscious stylistic choice on her part, but her assertiveness does little to evoke the sentiment of the lyrics. Madonna’s version is my favorite overall. The detached sexiness of her restrained vocals serve the song well on multiple levels. And as usual, she gets straight to the point of highlighting the song’s melodic hook without feeling the need to be too showy or over-the-top about it. The music bears little resemblance to its standard incarnations, but it works equally well in my opinion. It is possibly Shep’s most nuanced production work on a Madonna song, with subtle textures of warmth lurking just below the song’s icier electro-house surface. At the time of its release, I preferred the more straight-ahead pop sound of the video remix, and it is indeed a good remix, but I’ve grown to appreciate the more experimental, layered sound of the album version, making it the definitive version for me.

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