Today in Madonna History: October 9, 2002


On October 9 2002, Entertainment Weekly published a review of Swept Away after screening the film at the Vista Theatre in Los Angeles on October 7.

Family and friends (and some celebrities) at the premiere included: Donna and Niki, Guy Oseary, Demi Moore, Claudia Schiffer, Matthew Vaughn, Debi Mazar, Herb Ritts, Joe Henry and Madonna’s sister Melanie.

Here’s a snippet of the review:

Drawn, lacquered, and just about as tanned as Goldmember, Madonna, in Swept Away, appears blowsy and middle-aged, and the hard character of experience does something for her. It allows her to leave vanity aside. (Either that, or her vanity now resides in her biceps, which are sinewy enough to strangle a panther.) Sound the trumpets: For the first time since Desperately Seeking Susan, Madonna doesn’t suck as an actress. In a movie career that is by now nearly as benighted as that of Linda Blair or Maria Montez, she comes through with a performance in which her line readings don’t clatter like broken plates, and she looks at least half as relaxed as she does on stage.

Today in Madonna History: October 7, 2000


On October 7 2000, Madonna’s MUSIC album debuted at #1 in the USA with sales of 420,000 copies.

Dimitri Ehrlich from Vibe described the album as “a masterpiece of brilliantly arranged keyboards, futuristic drums, and electronica dressings. With folky acoustic guitars and a vaguely spiritual bend to her lyrics (like those on Ray of Light), it’s a weird and fresh-sounding album.”

Today in Madonna History: October 5, 1999


On October 5 1999, Madonna’s The Video Collection 92:99 was originally scheduled to be released, but was later renamed The Video Collection 93:99 and was finally released on November 2 1999.

The original release was planned to include the Erotica music video, but excluded the video for The Power of Good-Bye. The actual release excluded Erotica, and added The Power of Good-Bye to the collection.

The following music videos were included in 93:99

Bad Girl
Take A Bow
Bedtime Story
Human Nature
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Ray Of Light
Drowned World/Substitute For Love
The Power Of Good-Bye
Nothing Really Matters
Beautiful Stranger

Were there any missing music videos that you thought deserved to be included in 93:99?