Today in Madonna History: December 20, 2005

sorry-usa-sheet-music 2006-sorry-video-shoot-003-600

On December 20 2005, Madonna’s official website confirmed that Jamie King would direct the music video for Sorry, the second single from Confessions On A Dance Floor.

The video was conceived as a sequel to the album’s first single, Hung Up.

2 responses

  1. By the time Sorry was unleashed on the record-buying public-a hit everywhere else but here!-the marriage between Madonna and Guy was at the crossroads-and Madonna played the role of A Woman Scorned-She was not happy! In fact, she was angry! I can hear the anger, bitterness and rage in her voice because it has the ring of Daring Truth-Sorry was Truth or Dare set to the melody and beats of a jilted lover. So the moral of Sorry is this-Be careful what you wish for! Madonna’s message-Love Hurts.

  2. Great song and the video is one of my favorites. The bad-ass hip-hoppers versus the disco nerds have their dance-off to see who will reign supreme. Then the Queen comes in, kicks ass with her SICK dance moves, and everybody lives happily ever after at the roller rink — because music makes the people come together!

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