Today in Madonna History: September 1, 1989


On September 1 1989, Madonna was named the Top Female Artist Of The 80’s and the Artist with the Most Consecutive Top 10 Hits in the 80’s with a total of 16.

Can you name Madonna’s 16 consecutive Top 10 Hits in the 80’s?

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  1. I’m not sure which entity is limiting her to only 16 Top 10 hits in the 80s, but here in the U.S., where the Billboard Hot 100 is used as the measure of a song’s chart success, she had 18 Top 10s (and would’ve had 20 if “The Gambler” and “Into The Groove” had been released as singles in the U.S., as they were overseas):

    1. Borderline (peaked at #10)
    2. Lucky Star (peaked at #4)
    3. Crazy For You (first #1)
    4. Like A Virgin (second #1)
    5. Material Girl (peaked at #2)
    6. Angel (peaked at #5)
    7. Dress You Up (peaked at #5)
    8. Live To Tell (third #1)
    9. Papa Don’t Preach (fourth #1)
    10. True Blue (peaked at #3)
    11. Open Your Heart (fifth #1)
    12. La Isla Bonita (peaked at #4)
    13. Who’s That Girl (sixth #1)
    14. Causing A Commotion (peaked at #2)
    15. Like A Prayer (seventh #1)
    16. Express Yourself (peaked at #2)
    17. Cherish (peaked at #2)
    18. Keep It Together (peaked at #8)

      • My pleasure! I’ve been a hardcore Madonna fan going all the way back to “Borderline,” so this post about her having ONLY 16 Top Tens during the 80s didn’t sit well with my recollection of her ASTOUNDING string of hits — so I felt it was incumbent on me to set the record straight.

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