Today in Madonna History: August 20, 1995

Human Nature UK Counter Display 2 550

On August 20 1995, Human Nature was released in Europe as the final single from the Bedtime Stories album.

In North America, Human Nature had been rush-released two months earlier in an attempt to re-engage radio programmers after a particularly poor reception to the Bedtime Story single – which had been virtually ignored by most stations who instead kept their focus on Madonna’s previous radio smash hit, Take A Bow.

One response

  1. Human Nature may have ruined Madonna’s reputation as a reliable hitmaker. However artistically, it’s one of her most important statements about being an artist in a somewhat unforgiving society! Looking back on the song, do I think Madonna has some regrets over the way her American Life has turned out? No but the whole ordeal made her more human when dealing with the media, stardom and fame! The experience made Madonna stronger-in fact the song has become a high point in her live performance but it only made Madonna more vulnerable when it comes to love, heartbreak, sadness and an unspoken rage in her Rebel Heart! Result-Human Nature was Madonna’s first lesson about tough love and the meaning of to paraphrase Mother/Father-“A victim of a kind of rage!”

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