Today in Madonna History: July 16, 2012

turn-up-the-radio-video-mdna-1 turn-up-the-radio-video-mdna-2 turn-up-the-radio-video-mdna-3

On July 16 2012, Madonna’s music video for Turn Up The Radio was released. The video was directed by Tom Munro.

At the end of the video, an exhausted Madonna lays down in the backseat of the car as the chauffeur says to her in Italian:“La festa è finita, adesso allacciati la cintura stronzetta!which translates: “The party is over, now fasten your seat belt, bitch!”.

Watch the video:

One response

  1. Turn Up the Radio-one of many near-hits that got away from Madonna’s chart grip! If we all lived in an ideal world, Turn Up the Radio would be an ideal hit and #1 on the Rock Charts-where she should and would like to be-Unfortunately, the World System doesn’t work that way. To paraphrase another Madonna near-hit Wash All Over Me-Its a cruel injustice to the things that I see as well-Not just for Madonna herself but to and for her fans-myself included. To also paraphrase her fellow one-namer Prince is his song Uptown, we are all victims of society-a society that doesn’t care or no longer cares about itself or humanity. The fate of Madonna’s first two post-Warner albums MDNA and Rebel Heart-is sealed because of ageism and sexism and that is truly sad and unfortunate because in their own sweet way, MDNA and Rebel Heart are American Madonna Masterpieces from Detroit Rock City in a Midwest state called Michigan and I’ll always love Madonna because of these records! MDNA and Rebel Heart belong in any Rock Fan’s record collection because at the end of the day, Madonna is love, Rock and art-even if Radio, MTV and Universal refuse to promote her the right way. It looks like Madonna is fighting a brave battle to be accepted on her own terms and for her bravery, I love her! Madonna Forever in he brave and sad brilliance!

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