Today in Madonna History: April 5, 2003

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On April 5 2003, an Australian interview aired that demonstrated Madonna’s quick change of heart regarding the American Life music video.

During the interview with Richard Wilkins, the following dialog takes place:

Wilkins: “You’re going to get all sorts of criticism I think.”

Madonna: “Why. Tell me why!”

W: “People are going to say it’s inappropriate to show bombs going off and planes bombing people.”

M: “Why? That’s on the news every five minutes! I’m just using news footage that’s already been seen by everyone.”

W: “I’m suggesting that some people are going to think maybe it’s ill-timed.”

M: “But in a way it’s perfect timing, because it’s what we are experiencing right now – so, it’s American life. It’s very current and appropriate I think.”

Wilkins may have convinced Madonna to go cold on the idea.

“Maybe I did, perhaps I caused her to think again,” he said. “She is very proud of the video, as she should be because it’s incredible.”

By the time the interview aired (a week later), Madonna had already pulled the American Life video and made a statement regarding her choice.

You can read the statement and watch the full music video here.

5 responses

  1. American Life was and is still Madonna’s low point! Like that other song said Nobody’s Perfect! Not even Madonna! American Life was a mistake and failure! Even the great ones have their off days!

    • I enjoy reading your comments on most of these posts, but I really don’t get your disdain for American Life. I completely disagree with you and feel like this was her most creative period. The accompanying video (the original, not the flag version) is still to this day my favorite video of hers ever produced. To each his own, but you should really give AL another listen because I don’t hear the same thing as you when I listen to this one.

  2. I totally disagree, Rabbit Bunny. The American Life video is one of her best and shows that she’s not just a shallow pop-star mourning failed relationships, praising the attributes of flash-in-the-pan lovers, pleading the world to get up and shake their collective booties, not that I criticize her for these themes, but it’s nice to hear her political views for a change. The American Life album reminds me of Like A Prayer, where she reveals herself on a much deeper level than she had prior to that. I find the album personally inspiring and I love the honesty and satirical side of her nature that surfaces in many of the songs.

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