Today in Madonna History: January 1, 1993


On January 1 1993, the Madonna Special #1 comic book was released by Revolutionary Comics.

Revolutionary Comics (1989–1994) was a U.S. comic book publisher best known for the series Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics, launched in 1989. Founded by publisher Todd Loren, the line featured unlicensed biographies of rock stars, told in comic book form but geared for adults, often with very adult situations (nudity, drug use, violence, etc.).

Today in Madonna History: May 30, 2003


english_roses_1 Madonna english_roses_3 english_roses_4

On May 30, 2003, Callaway Editions announced that Madonna would make publishing history as her children’s book, “The English Roses” would be released simultaneously worldwide in 30 languages in 100 countries.

“The English Roses” is a children’s picture book written by Madonna and illustrated by Jeffrey Fulvimari, which later became a series of children’s books by both artists. The books are about the life of five schoolgirls in London and their problems.